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Monetize Your Low Traffic Blog - Adsterra Review

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As a marketing professional with years of expertise in the advertising sector, I've witnessed bloggers struggle to monetize their blog sites owing to poor traffic and rejection from Google Adsense. The good news is that there are alternatives to Google Adsense, and one of the better choices is Adsterra. In this article, I will share my knowledge and expertise of the Adsterra ad network and how it may assist bloggers in monetising their websites.

Is Adsterra legit?

Yes, Adsterra is totally legit. There are many earning proof around Youtube. Adsterra is a worldwide advertising network that provides many ad formats, including display, native, pop-under, and push notifications. Bloggers may monetise their sites using Adsterra regardless of their niche, language, or location. Adsterra offers fewer severe requirements for publishers than Google Adsense, making it an ideal choice for blogs that have difficulty gaining approval.

Advantages of Adsterra

Adsterra's simple integration method is one of its primary features. With a few clicks, bloggers may simply embed Adsterra advertisements on their site. Adsterra also offers an intuitive dashboard that enables bloggers to analyze their profits, traffic, and ad effectiveness in real time. Thus, bloggers may optimize their ad placements and improve their income.

Adsterra provides relevant, high-quality advertisements to the blogger's audience. Adsterra is a huge network of advertisers who fight for ad space, guaranteeing that bloggers receive the highest profits and rates. Adsterra offers a sophisticated anti-fraud system that assures advertisers receive high-quality traffic while preventing fraud and bot traffic.

Adsterra is distinguished by its referral scheme, through which bloggers may earn a reward by recommending other publications and advertisers to the site. This allows bloggers to make additional revenue and establish a network of other bloggers and advertisers.

Controversy about low pay and poor ad performance

Although Adsterra is a great way for writers to monetise their websites, it is not without issues. Some bloggers and publishers have claimed minimal profits and poor ad performance, while others have commended Adsterra's high rates and high-quality advertisements. Like with any ad network, Adsterra's performance depends on a number of variables, including the blogger's specialty, traffic, and ad placement.


Adsterra is, in conclusion, a good alternative to Google Adsense for blogs that have difficulty being accepted or have minimal traffic. Adsterra provides several ad types, simple integration, real-time monitoring, and high-quality advertisements. Adsterra is a reasonable alternative for bloggers to monetize their site and earn money, despite complaints. As a marketing professional, I recommend Adsterra to bloggers who want to increase their profits and diversify their revenue streams.

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