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Can you make over 1000$ a month with Propellerads?

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Yes, totally!

Excuse me! It is my pleasure to share my insights as a seasoned specialist in the advertising industry into how you, as a publisher, may select the most effective ad network. There are benefits and drawbacks associated with using Propellerads. And, again, Yes, you can make over 1000$ a month with propellerads

Let's start with the Pros of PropellerAds

Native advertisements, push notifications, and pop-unders are just a few of the ad formats offered by Propellerads, all of which can help publishers generate more recurring revenue. You can effortlessly manage your campaigns and monitor your revenue in real time with their self-service interface.

The negatives are up next. The low CPM rates offered by Propellerads might have a significant impact on your earnings as a publisher. In addition, counterfeit traffic is a problem that some advertisers are experiencing, which could damage your reputation as a publisher.

For some publications, such newer ones seeking for a self-service platform with a variety of ad formats, Propellerads can be a good choice. If you want to optimize your earnings, though, it's important to check into your other choices and locate the advertising network that works best for you.

What sets Propeller apart from competitors like Google Adsense, and why do publishers like me prefer it? Please provide me with three justifications. To begin, Propellerads provides more options for advertisements than its competitors: Native advertisements, push notifications, and pop-unders are just a few of the ad formats that Propellerads offers, in contrast to Google Adsense's primary focus on traditional display ads. This has the potential to help publishers expand their income streams.

Propellerads' self-service platform makes it simple for publishers to control their ad campaigns and monitor their earnings in real time. This has the potential to appeal to publishers who would rather not have their ads automated.

Thirdly, the application procedure may be less rigorous. Google Adsense is notoriously picky about which publishers it accepts, and many people who apply are ultimately refused. On the other hand, the application process for Propellerads may be more relaxed, making it a more viable choice for newer or lower-traffic publishers.

However, these are only a handful of the many possible justifications for a publisher to select Propellerads over Google Adsense or another ad network. Carefully consideration is required when selecting an ad network; every publisher has unique requirements and preferences.

And the Cons of PropellerAds

While I assume the earnings are less than Adsense would be in the same sector.

That is exactly right. Compared to Google Adsense and other major ad networks, Propellerads typically offers cheaper CPM rates. If this is the case, then Propellerads may not be as profitable for publishers in terms of income per click or per impression as Adsense or other comparable networks.

But, it's important to remember that the potential for profit might vary greatly based on things like the specific market, the composition of the target audience, the placement of advertisements, and more. Hence, while Propellerads may not provide the best CPM revenues, it may still be a good alternative for some publishers based on their needs and objectives. You should try out several ad networks and evaluate how well they operate in your particular niche to find the optimal solution for your website.

Which specific niche of content would work best on Propeller?

Some subgenres of content, such as those listed below, seem to fare especially well on Propellerads.

Advertisers in the media and entertainment industries will find a suitable match with Propellerads, as the company maintains a sizable inventory of ads pertaining to these fields. Entertainment-centric websites cover a wide range of media.

Propellerads are also a good fit for websites that feature technology-related material, such as those that sell hardware, software, and other related things.

The variety of ad formats provided by Propellerads and the network's ability to target ads to specific sorts of players make it a potentially useful platform for gaming-related websites and apps.

For publishers in the health and fitness industries, Propellerads' extensive selection of relevant advertisements is a great choice. Health and fitness-related content is included here.

Propeller ads requirements

So if i want to be a Propellerads publishers. what are the requirements? (in term of website quality, traffic...etc) please be as specific as possible

  1. Website quality: Propellerads requires that publishers have a website with high-quality, original content that is updated regularly. The website should be visually appealing and user-friendly, with a clear navigation structure and easy-to-find content.

  2. Traffic: While there is no specific traffic requirement to join Propellerads, publishers with higher traffic volumes are more likely to be accepted and may earn higher revenue. It's generally recommended to have at least several hundred visitors per day before applying.

  3. Content restrictions: Propellerads has strict guidelines around prohibited content, including pornography, hate speech, violence, and illegal activities. Your website must comply with these guidelines to be accepted into the network.

  4. Ad placement: Propellerads requires that publishers place their ads in visible locations on their website, but not in a way that interferes with the user experience or violates the network's policies.

  5. Ad format restrictions: Some ad formats, such as pop-ups and interstitial ads, are not allowed by Propellerads. It's important to review the network's ad format guidelines and choose formats that are allowed.

  6. Geographic location: Propellerads accepts publishers from around the world, but certain countries may be subject to additional restrictions or requirements.

How much does propellerads pay per 1000 views

so, for example if I have a game related website, and traffic is around 1000 views per day? how much would it make? just give me an approximate number.

It's difficult to provide an exact estimate of how much revenue you could earn with Propellerads as a game-related website with 1000 daily views, as there are many factors that can influence your earnings, including the types of ads displayed, the geographic location of your visitors, and the engagement levels of your audience.

However, as a general rule of thumb, publishers on Propellerads can expect to earn anywhere from $0.10 to $3.00 per 1000 ad impressions, depending on the ad format and niche. With 1000 daily views, that would equate to roughly 30,000 monthly pageviews. Assuming a conservative estimate of $0.50 per 1000 impressions, that could translate to earnings of around $15 per month.

Propeller ads minimum payout

Propellerads offers multiple payment options and has a minimum payout threshold of $5 for most payment methods. Here are some additional details on the payment process:

  1. Payment schedule: Propellerads pays publishers on a Net-7 basis, which means that earnings for a given week are paid out 7 days after the end of that week. For example, earnings from the week of March 1-7 would be paid out on March 14.

  2. Payment methods: Propellerads offers several payment methods, including PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, ePayments, and bank transfer. The minimum payout threshold for most payment methods is $5, although some methods may have higher thresholds.

  3. Payment fees: Propellerads does not charge any fees for payments, but some payment methods may have their own fees associated with receiving funds.

  4. Payment verification: In order to receive payment from Propellerads, publishers must first verify their account by submitting a valid ID document and proof of address.

Is propellerads legit, where is it's headquater located?

Yes, Propellerads is a legitimate ad network that has been in operation since 2011. The company is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus, and has additional offices in several other countries, including Russia, India, and Ukraine. Propellerads serves over 1 billion ad impressions per day across a network of over 100,000 publishers and advertisers, and has a reputation for providing reliable ad delivery and timely payments to its partners.


Whether you can make over $1000 a month with Propellerads largely depends on a variety of factors such as your website's niche, traffic volume, ad placement, and more. While some publishers may be able to achieve this level of earnings, others may earn less or more. It's important to note that earnings potential is not guaranteed, and publishers should conduct research and test different ad networks to find the best fit for their unique circumstances and goals.

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