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Free Content Creation Tools Online in 2023

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This article presents a comprehensive compendium of tools, websites, and utilities that can aid in content creation. The mentioned resources can be referred to as a valuable reference for individuals in the field.

It is prudent to bear in mind that the effectiveness and relevancy of some of these tools may have become obsolete. As a result, it is recommended to verify the latest updates and information about the product on their respective official websites.

Adsense Tracker: Better AdSense reporting means more AdSense money! The AdSense Tracker is a money-generating statistics machine. By analyzing the reports you can determine what kind of content to focus on, what search engines and keywords to target and what people are looking for on your web site. It allows real-time tracking! With Adsense Tracker you will actually know which ads got clicked on every page that you have Adsense on and more: what pages bring in the most clicks, what ad layouts, placement and colors work best. With information like that you can turn your AdSense website into an AdSense goldmine!

Adsense™ Tracker is a PHP/MySQL script that helps getting detailed reporting of how your sites are performing.

AdSense™ Tracker will monitor all impressions and clicks on AdSense™ ads on all your domains without altering the ad code itself. That information can then be used to analyze the effectiveness of the publisher’s sites, the performance of different ad sizes and styles, or even individual pages. Adsense Tracker™ shows you exactly when, where and what ad was clicked, without having to wait for Google stats to be updated. You can use this information to improve the metrics of all your pages!

asRep: asRep is a very useful tool that lets you track the performance of your adsense ad units and search boxes over multiple domains and all of this in real time. It provides details of individual impressions, clicks and searches recorded. Also, by using asRep you will get all the stats that google reports don’t show: performance of individual domains, directories and pages, referring domains and pages, visitor IPs and countries, ad unit format and colors, URLs of the clicked ads, search terms submitted. asRep supports multiple browsers: MS IE, Mozilla & FireFox and other browsers. asRep is available as a free function limited version and a 50 $ full function version.

AdSense™ Monitor: AdSense™ Monitor logs into your Adsense™ account and notifies you by email, pager or phone with AdSense™ updates. It also inserts stats into a database so you can be able to analyze them later. It’s a a .vbs script that can run on your local PC or server.

AdSenseLog: AdSenseLog is a tool for checking and analyzing your Adsense™ ads data (content, search and channel). It is aimed at site owners who use Adsense™ in their sites.

AdsenseLog provides extensive statistics: impressions, clicks, revenue, clickthrough, CPM and EPC. Daily, Weekly or Monthly views. Daily averages, and many more options.

You have different options of graphs, about every kind of statistics available, for your Content, Search and Channel data.

AdSenseLog can be used to find important trends in your data, check out your site’s strong points, and its weaknesses, or just enjoy the real-time stats and pretty graphs.

Revenue Checker for AdSense: Are you spending too much time constantly logging in and out of Google AdSense? If your answer is yes, this may be exactly the tool you were looking for. Revenue Checker allows Google AdSense publishers to check their AdSense revenue and detailed statistics in either specific time intervals or manually with single click option. Revenue Checker creates numeric, as well as graphic output to all statistics, including channels.

AdSenseDesktop: AdSenseDesktop allow AdSense users to download and analyze data very quickly and intuitively in a graphical form. Earn faster by analyzing patterns through graphs! Now you can generate different types of graphs with just a few clicks!

SysSense: SysSense is your personal desktop Google AdSense monitor. It keeps your current Google AdSense information in the Windows system tray.

Adsense Notifier: You don’t need to log into your Adsense account anymore to check your revenue because Adsense Notifier, a Firefox extension, does that for you and displays earnings on the status bar.

Top Paying Keywords: spends hundreds of hours each month to determine the highest paying keywords. They research the price of the top 20,000 most heavily searched keywords and assess the price of each. They brainstorm other keywords that are similar to the most expensive keywords on this list that may not be in the top 20,000 most heavily searched keyword list. Top Paying Words: Webmasters can notice dramatic increasing revenues by using the Top Paying Words database that contains over 46,000 high paying keywords. Building content around these keywords will enhance your website and you will start making money at the same time.

Cash Keywords: Cash Keywords has a wide range of high paying keyword reports which allow you to choose the one that fits your website and not a generic list of keywords. Cash Keywords has a solution for every webmaster: keyword reports that span various topics, keyword reports that guarantee greatest adsense profits in the shortest period of time or reports targeting the most popular topics on the internet. Cash Keywords even has a custom keyword report option that allows you to provide your keywords and they’ll just make the report for you.

SenseCash: SenseCash provides you with the best selection of Google AdSense keywords and managing tools for you to get the best results from the most profitable advertising program ever. Don’t be fooled by oversold lists, our specialists are adding new top paying keywords everyday. We have people researching them 24/7. Some of these keywords are paying over $20.00 per click. We research and add this keywords to our member section everyday.

Keyword Country: Keyword country has the largest database of this planet, with 2.83 Million keywords to choose from. The database is updated every 10 days. Many of the keywords are never seen or ever heard. The database covers as much as 10,000 categories. You also have the option of surfing for free through the database thus discovering new profitable ideas to integrate in your website.

Adsense 1: Adsense 1 delivers a list with over 4,000 Adsense high paying keywords for you to use on your websites. Among those over 450 keywords are worth $10 per click and some are as high paying as $50 per click.

Adsense Adwords: By using the Adsense Adwords list of over 30,000 keywords you can go from barely covering the hosting fees to seriously cashing in. Adsense Adwords has also discovered some profitable areas with very high paying keywords where you can get involved and start building content.

Adsense Heaven: Adsense Heaven has a 20,000 keywords database and still growing everyday. They also provide customized keywords lists that contain the first 200 high paying keywords for the specific topic.

Adwords Market: Knowing what content and which keywords should appear in your text to trigger high paying ads will allow you to optimise your site and drastically improve your earnings from AdSense. Adwords Market the ultimate report on high paying keywords. This means they not only look for keywords with a high Cost per click, but also for keywords that are popular.

Holy Grail of Adsense: You could go from making cents to over $500-$2,000 more per day with the Holy Grail of AdSense Keywords list. All you have to do is use the keywords from Holy Grail of AdSense Keywords list in your website pages.

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